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Water Torch Machine  

Make your own sings, work on jewelry, or even polish acrylic, all with our safe and easy to use oxy-hydrogen water torch. The technology use in this machine, allows it to convert pure distilled water into an actual flame. The flame generated from this water torch is a clean pin point flame with temperatures reaching over 1800F and 5000F. Avoid the high costs and hazardous dangers of using gas, and switch to safe distilled water.

1. Acrylic Industry: Quickly polish acrylic edges, and solve the problems that puffers and other machines can´t fix.
2. Jewelry Industry: Repair anything that´s made off of platinum, gold, copper, and other materials. For example chains, strings, and other types of jewelry.
3. Electronic Industry: Now it´s easier than ever to solder enameled wire, and LED wafer for example.
Power:110V, 350W.
Size: 18.5"x15.5"x10.5"
Weight: 43LB
Gas flow: 75~80 L/H
1. 2 boxes backfire-proof torches, each box contains 4 copper nozzles, 1 pinhead nozzle, shelf, and an additional big nozzle.
2. Rubber hose.
3. Plastic funnel.
4. 2 bottles electrolyte powder.


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